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Need to Drop Off Recyclables?

Drop off recyclables at our depot in Calgary.

Chinook Bottle Depot — Recycling Programs around Calgary

As one of the cleanest, most efficient Bottle Depots in Alberta, Chinook Bottle Depot helps you care for the environment with a variety of recycling programs around Calgary. Located in Calgary, we offer recycling services, such as bottle drives, and Alberta Cans for Kids. With our state-of-the-art computerized sorting and ATM payment system, you are always assured of a quick, accurate total.

Looking for Recycling Careers?

Join our team by applying online!

automatic couting

New Automatic Counting Technology

Come check out our newest addition to our Bottle Depot. This machine allows for automatic counting of all Aluminum Cans and all PET 0-1L (Clear & Blue Tinted Plastic Bottles).

2019 - Alberta Bottle Depot Service Excellence Award

Alberta Bottle Depot Association
Earn cash for your bottles
New to Recycling?

New to Recycling?

See how to recycle with us.

Return Rates

Don’t Know Return Rates?

Learn about the different rates for different materials with us.

Bottle Drive

Supporting a Cause?

Let us help with a bottle drive.

Want to Support Our Charity?

Want to Support Our Charity?

Help contribute to our donation program!

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